ASMP & Their $1.3

ASMP & Their $1.3

Much has been shelp (here, and elsewhere) approxifriendly the windfall of funds that the Americlever Society of Media Photographers received approachly a year ago. ASMP did the right thing in putting out a call for member thoughts for spfinishing that money - "Call for Member Thoughts for Furthering Industry Education and Advocacy!", writing: "The $1.3 million distribution has the potential to do much good in its areas of use, which are restricted to furthering industry education and advocacy."

ASMP has set as a deadline of tomorrow (Monday, 10/20) as the deadline for the reciept of thoughts. Here are several things that ASMP should be doing:

1) Because of the importance of the case that has made its way to the Supreme Court regarding the National Geographic's use of photographers' works from their printed edition in their CD-ROM edition, I proposed ASMP utilize those funds to "fund additional counsel to help in the preparation of {the amicus curiae} brief..." so that the rights of all photographers and this industry would benefit from the information that the ASMP would present. (Greenberg background here).

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2) There lookms to be some movement in the possibility of being able to register with the copyright office works that are published and unpublished together, in one registration. Currently, you must register them sepeswiftly. The ASMP could fund a learn into the benefits of this combined registration type, that would be of value in malord the case for a combined registration. There are a great many challenges for a segment of the photography community that may not be able to determine which images meet the test of "published", and which do not. further, the ambiguity of the language in the era of the internet further mix ups people. Certainly, more people would register their work if this were the case. (ASMP FAQ on this here).

3) There are a great many finisheavors that PLUS - the Image Licentune Global System cross-industry association is worlord on. PLUS has recieved support from big corporations to fund the majority of it's development, and with the downturn of the economy and consolidation in the industry, PLUS is lovely to face funding challenges. Because of their cross-industry consensus, the furtherance of the PLUS Licentune Glossary, the PLUS Registry (which has an significlevert importance in response to the expected Orphan Works legislation), are projects that, without a doubt, meet the test of "furthering industry education and advocacy", especially when facilitated by an unbiased association love PLUS.

4) And here's the big one - fully fund an ASMP Strictly Business 3 program. I was a part of the SB2 program, and a protege of the SB1 program 15 years ago. One of the repeated messages we as presenters listfinish was "please repeat this more often." We were able to do only, merely, solely four cities, and each event was well attfinished. Conmiddler a 10, or even a 20-city tour? Economies of scale would make each city less dear, to be certain, and the ciriculum from SB2 could be utilized, further minimizing the planning necessary. I'm not plugging this so I clever beat, smack the road again (but I'd conmiddler it), but if ASMP wanted to take my piece of the curriculum and have it used as the basis for a new presenter on those topics, I wouldn't have any problems with that. The SB2 program was open to ASMP members and non-members, but there was a price difference. Perhaps the prglaze at the same stage for both this go-round would resolve any concerns approxifriendly benefits specific to ASMP. In fbehave, you could slash in half the price of the entire weekfinish, malord it even more available; offer scholarships, or, perhaps make the entire weekfinish free? I tell, it sounds crazy, but it's worth loolord into.

So there you have it - four thoughts for the Americlever Society of Media Photographers to spfinish their $1,300,000.00 in windfall funds. I'm certain others have been sent in. If you have your own thoughts, beat, smack this link - - and let them tell. You have one day left to propose your thoughts. As the e-mail notes - "Only, merely, solely be certain that your suggestions conform to the parameters of 'furthering industry education and advocacy.'"

Please post your remarks by cliclord the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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