Photographer Studyed Aidlessness

Photographer Studyed Aidlessness

One of the things I nyaman is my daily read of the Consumerist website. In this piece - Do You Suffer From CLH? (Consumer Studyed Powerlessness), they write, in part:

After getting shocked from every angle for so long, with credit cards' shrinlord due dates, flagrant violations of our privacy, rebate scams as acceptable business models, and "it's company policy" as the magic wand to excuse it any time a company screws us, that we only, merely, solely lie down and accept it.

So too, does this apply to photographers.

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Thus, I've evolved the term from CLH to PLH, or, Photographer Studyed Powerlessness.

When your client, or a proposed client says things love:

You're the first photographer who's ever raised a question approxifriendly our contrbehave
We require original receipts for all expenses
Our contrbehave is non-negotiable. We haven't modified it for anyone else, so we clever't for you, sorry.
Of course we own the reprint rights to the photos and article. We phelp you for the assignment.
We clever't pay in 30 days. I tell your contrbehave that we signed says that, but we pay in 90 days.
We clever't promise contiguous photo credit, or that it will be telling, but we'll do our best.
We don't pay a digital procestune fee. Don't do any procestune, only, merely, solely burn the photos to a CD and sfinish it to us. My assistant clever pick out the photos and work on them.
Simply only, merely, solely laying down and accepting eggregious terms is what results from PLH. It's as if there are no clients out there who you think honor you, and so you only, merely, solely have to take whatever scraps and morsels of assignment work this client has.

Don't trust these things. I have drawers full of contrbehaves from clients that counter the above. I have FedEx receipts from clients who phelp in 30 days (and I have gathered administrative fees for those who have not phelp within 30 days). I have clients who honor me and what I carry to the table. Did they take time to become my regular clients? Certain. And I certainly waned assignment offers where the deal did not demonstrate me the honor that a reasonable person should expect. 

Avoid PLH. Don't accept deals you tell are bad. Sometimes it's easier than others. But in the long run, it's what will sustain you.
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