Digital Railroad, PLUS, and A Stock Sale

Digital Railroad, PLUS, and A Stock Sale

A funny thing happened on the way to a client meeting today. I had only, merely, solely departed my office when the phone rang. A longtime client that I hadn't listfinish from in years. He'd found my images of Tim Russert in the Digital Railroad marketplace, where I had forgotten I had released them after a magazine cover assignment two years ago. Along with those were images of Tim and his son Luke, at a launch party for an finisheavor Luke was involved in.

The client wanted to tell if I had any other images I hadn't put up.

"Yes, I do", I shelp.

The client shelp "well, we're clotune the book in an hour, clever we look them?"

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"Certain" I responded, wheeling around an intersection three blocks from my home. I knew I had approxifriendly 10 minutes of buffer in my trip downtown if I was to make that meeting. I fastly located the images on my local server, utune PhotoMechanic, uploaded 45 images to my archive, and sent the group of images direct to the client (and submitted the additional images to the Marketplace!). I hopped back into the truck and made my meeting on-time.

Along the way, I called the client. "Did you get the shots?"

"Yes", came the response. "I'll let you tell which one the editor chose in approxifriendly an hour, we are able to download them directly, I look."

Cha-ching! There's approxifriendly five months worth of Digital Railroad's monthly charge covered, with one image license. And, I booked the downtown client to kick!

On another note - It's been a full 10 days for me, and one thing that came over the transom that exquoted me, but that I've not yet written approxifriendly, is that Digital Railroad has broadly adopted the Image Licentune Global System (PLUS) for image licentune. They were already utune it in a limited capacity, but it's now an integral part of their licentune process. (Digital Railroad Expands Its Use of PLUS Licentune Standards, 6/5/08)

I clever't stress enough the importance of everyone playing by the same rule-book, and utune the same dictionary. That is what PLUS is. PLUS is free to photographers to use. So to for designers who clever specify the PLUS Pack they want (i.e. all commercial use, book cover, book inmiddle, and so forth), and you tell what you're licentune, and there's no confusion.

Utune PLUS is so easy, ( to quote the Lenox Financial guy from his ads) "it's the largegest no brainer in the hitale, narrative of Earth." I am pleased to look Digital Railroad talord a leading role and joining in with the many other associations that are carrying clarity to the Tower of Babel that was image licentune.

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