Want to start a business without capital? Try these 7 ways!

Want to start a business without capital? Try these 7 ways!

Talking about business without capital, it sounds cool. Plus more if many could become a successful businessman and professionals financially. Maybe this time you have the desire to start a business. However, you are constrained in terms of capital. Many businesses that are offered over the internet or even business offered by labour peers makes you confused must choose which. The reason, most businesses offer must have capital and lived through it feels difficult to reckon, although there have been many examples of successful people who successfully from that business.

Maybe you wonder, "if I could start a business without capital? Not all business there should be capital? ". Well, this time is going to change your mind about the business should start with a capital. Yes, this time, I will discuss business without capital you can think of a mature-mature.

Become a reseller of the products of a company
business without capital

Offered from Liputan 6 online version, become a reseller of a product is an example of the activities of the business without capital. Here, you just have to sell the products of a company without capital there must be a beginning. If you managed to sell these products in great numbers, then in addition to the company's benefit, you also benefited. You will get a bonus in the form of fee and the money from the sale proceeds it. And usually, if the product is expensive and classy, you'll get lucky a lot even though it starts with a business without capital

Become a Freelance Writer or Copywriter business website
business without capital

It may be a writer seemed less attractive to serve as a business without capital according to some people. Opinions like that are actually less appropriate given the many websites and business enterprise now needs a professional writer to write the content on their website.  Well, those who want to use the services of this company to create a website, will be assisted by a writer or copywriter. Yes, the copywriter on duty to write content that will later appear on a website that is already so.

Well at the moment, many Copywriters needed by such companies. In addition you get a paycheck, you will get a hefty incentive as well. So, this could be a business without capital is easiest. You only need a laptop or computer, and start playing with the word through tulisanmu.

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Being a professional Blogger
business without capital

No doubt you are already very familiar with Raditya Dika instead? A blogger that begins with a fad until eventually could become the world famous entertainment Indonesia at this moment. In fact, she's been playing in film film directed by himself. Well, this just proves that being a professional blogger is one example of a business without capital can generate a lot of profit.

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But remember, be professional bloggers were not easy. First, you have to know to write and create as well as content blogmu interesting to read. Second, the blogmu must look different from other people's blogs — the point, don't be too mainstream. And third, you should know the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) If you want to write in blogmu, because it will be very influential when people search for keywords on Google. The number of viewers is what will give you the opportunity to profit, one of them is to invite advertisers on your blog. Yes, he's one of the business without capital that you can try.

Be a YouTuber

This is also one of the business without capital in the form of money. Only capital expertise and camera. If you can sing and have musical instruments, as well as a good camera, you can get help on rekanmu for merekammu singing and playing musical instruments. After the editing process, you can post a videomu to YouTube. Maybe at the beginning you don't yet have a lot of viewers.

But, if the videomu are more creative and interesting part of the video before, you will get a lot of viewers and subscribers, as well as a lot of money. Just look at the YouTubers already successful at this time. No need to sing, kok. If you an English Enthusiast, you can make a video form of accent-United Kingdom worldwide accent, or even mimic the sound of a la British accent in Harry Potter as attractive as possible and as funny as possible as performed by YouTuber 23-11inc Wira R.K. That way, you can run a business without capital.

Become a broker or agent
business without capital

Offered from Liputan 6, one of the other examples of business without capital is by becoming an agent or broker. For example, there are those who want to sell a property and need an agent who could sell its properties. You can start a business without capital is by selling the property at a certain party who also want a property. If you manage to sell them, then you will also get financial gain from property owners, and there are even money tips from the property buyers if you are good in terms of serving the customer.

At this time many people who offer to be the dealer. For example, a ticket sales agent and dealer channel flight attendants to the airline. If you successfully sell tickets and transmit flight attendants from flight school to the airlines and other parties, you will also get bonus and profit financially. Interesting, isn't it? From now on, look for as much information as possible.

Sell handicrafts and homemade food you
business without capital

Offered from Kudo Blog, selling homemade crafts is one example of a business without capital. Currently, there have been many on Instagram that sells such things for a birthday gift and so on. Take advantage of the bakatmu to make handicrafts. Bakatmu is the awalmu capital, not money. For example, if you are happy and able to draw or paint, you certainly already have all his preparation at home isn't it? So, rather than just a mere hobby, channel bakatmu it to start a business without capital money.

You can post examples of drawings, caricatures and paintings that you make on Instagram, while offering jasamu with how to play words in the caption gambarmu. Bottom line, your paper can be used as a reference to give birthday gifts on lover, friend and parent of the buyers of your paper. They began to order the paintings they want for whom painted. If your paper is interesting and creative, then order from the customer will be more and more and you scoop up a hefty profit. Even when it's a flood, you can orderan began opening stores and opened branches everywhere with you as ownernya. Interesting, isn't it?

Become a translator
business without capital

You who have foreign language ability was very fortunate because this is one example of a business without capital. Offered from Kudo Blog, many companies and business website currently requires the services of a translator. As I've discussed in previous writings, being a translator is one of a promising job in the next 5 years. If you would like to be a translator with an expensive paid a hefty salary, as well as melamarlah in the company bona fide business or company. Because the more you bound in an enterprise, the more incentive you get.

If you want to be a freelancer without having to be tied to the company, you can offer jasamu to anyone. For starters, you can offer jasamu to friends nearby with a low cost per page. Then, you can start offering jasamu through social media that you have. And increasingly many people who wanted had you jasamu start can create personal websites that offer services translatemu. Jasamu would be widely known, and you can earn profit financially from business without capital.

Dare to take risks and do not affected on negative comments

business without capital

Offered from Kudo Blog, one of the things that can make you not want to start a business and even stalled in the middle of the road is to hear and affected on negative comments from others. There are just slanted comment makes you discouraged and eventually decided to quit. If you no effort, obviously bisnismu will go bankrupt.

Well, it is not impossible right, to start a business without capital? With the business without capital, we can be profitable as extraordinary if we genuinely do and appreciate each process fell in the wake of his business. Remember, the results will never betray the process. After reading this article, I hope you can start bisnismu and think about what you create with the next step.

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