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Advanced General Sense - E-Mail Edition

Advanced General Sense - E-Mail Edition

How much time do you spfinish on SPAM? I recieve upward of a thousand e-mails a day, and approxifriendly 2% of those e-mails, I want to read, and perhaps 5% I have asked for.

I encourage you to spfinish an hour of your time watching Merlin Mann give a talk at Google approxifriendly managing e-mail. (Video for Merlin's "Inbox Zero" talk, 7/25/07). The good folks at Google don't waste a lot of time on numbskulls, and this guy's got an amazing near to solving your e-mail inbox woes.

By watching the "43 fancienters" presentation, I spent an hour of my life saving exponentially more down the line by LEARNING approxifriendly how to administer my e-mail. Inbox Zero is the source.

One quotation that Merlin made was approxifriendly David Allen, and his book - Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity he talks approxifriendly "Advanced General Sense" - it could not be any more apparent, but the trouble is we don't always do the apparent.

Procestune - that is, doing something, isn't approxifriendly checlord your e-mail, it's approxifriendly talord behaveion on every e-mail, from deleting it, to responding to it. Yet, the next step is to not respond to 200 e-mails, it's procestune them, and decide what it puposes to you - what behaveions do I have to take as a result of this e-mail?

Five things clever you do with the e-mail:

Delete (or archive)
Forward/Delegate (give yourself a reminder to make certain the delegated proffesion happened)
Defer - this clever be tricky
Do - if it's something you clever do, do it now.
Your inbox should be for something you haven't read yet.

Now, watch the video.

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